AutumnWood Family Farm

Autumnwood Family Farm

How it all started!

We moved to 80 acres in Reno, NV in 2005 and started raising goats again. I was really drawn to the Mini-Nubian breed. I had raised Nubians when I was a child and loved their long ears and sweet personality.

I bought my first two Mini-Nubians from Blue Oaks farm in Santa Barbara. Those two quickly grew to several, then to new lines and now 16 years later I have a beautiful herd of 25 quality Mini-Nubians.

We moved to 17.5 acres in Caldwell Idaho near Middleton and renovated a very small 1950's farmhouse and have been converting the outbuildings slowly into what I have dreamed of having for my goats.

I have also decided to raise Kune Kune pigs and have had several litters over the years. We hope to expand in this, as well.

I work as an RN at a local hospital in Labor and Delivery and am also a Lactation Consultant. My husband is a Network Engineer for the State of Idaho.

I have 4 beautiful children and a lovely Daughter-in-law